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EERC Welcomes Cathy Bolken

Catherine (Cathy) Bolken is a Senior Operations Specialist at the EERC, where she works with a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and business professionals to integrate field operations, permitting, and regulatory activities with technical information and applied research related to incremental and unconventional oil recovery; drilling; well design, completion, testing, and logging; production; CO2 capture and storage; and saltwater disposal. She holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wyoming. Prior to her position at the EERC, she was a Petroleum Engineer Consultant/Owner at Synergy Parlay Consulting, Buffalo, Wyoming.

Cathy’s principal areas of interest and expertise include production and operational optimization, drilling, completions/recompletions, water disposal/injection, enhanced oil recovery while maximizing economic recovery, safety and regulatory compliance, project development, and leadership with cross-functional collaboration.

Cathy was drawn to her new position because she is hoping to expand her career beyond the petroleum realm and envisions the EERC as a great avenue for new energy technology and development. “To date, the best aspects of my job have been the friendly people and the potential for a wide variety of projects and challenges,” Cathy said. “I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences, while fulfilling my desire to continually learn!”

Cathy was raised in Casper, Wyoming in an agricultural community and will be working remotely from Buffalo, WY. Her family has four rope horses, four dogs, and four cats. Some of her hobbies include riding horses, rodeos, and jackpot ropings. She appreciates adventures and enjoys attending her daughters’ high school sporting events and hockey games with her nephew. Cathy’s daughters are looking forward to becoming UND students in the coming years!

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