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EERC and Climeworks announce collaboration to explore direct air capture (DAC) and storage technology

Grand Forks, ND—The University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) and leading DAC company Climeworks today announced their collaboration to explore the potential to develop and deploy commercial-scale direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) technology. This collaboration unites one of the world’s most advanced DAC technology providers with a global leader in carbon capture and storage (CCS).

DAC is a technology solution that has been proven and deployed by Climeworks to remove carbon dioxide directly from ambient air. Climeworks is the first company to bring to market DAC technology in combination with permanent underground storage of the carbon dioxide captured. Climeworks is currently operating the world’s largest DAC+S facility, “Orca,” in Iceland.

The EERC is recognized as one of the world’s foremost developers of cleaner, more efficient energy to power the world and environmental technologies to protect and clean our air, water, and soil. The EERC has deep experience developing traditional, point-source CCS technology. Currently, the EERC is working with project developers on CCS projects that are operating today and more that are under development.

“Direct air capture technologies have the potential to be a key piece of the puzzle in building a low-carbon economy, while helping to create good-paying jobs in construction and operations for communities hosting DAC projects,” said Charles Gorecki, EERC CEO. “Our collaboration with Climeworks, as a global leader in direct air capture, is a natural complement to the EERC’s existing portfolio of carbon capture and storage technology expertise and continues our legacy of being on the forefront of technology innovation.” “Climeworks is delighted to collaborate with the EERC, a respected global innovator with unrivaled experience and deep ties both in the Northern Great Plains and across the entire United States,” said Dirk Nuber, Chief of Project Development at Climeworks. “We look forward to combining our expertise to accelerate the responsible deployment of DAC+S as a key solution to address legacy and unavoidable emissions.”

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About EERC
The EERC is a global leader in researching and developing technologies that make the energy we use and produce more efficient and environmentally friendly. We work in collaboration with clients to develop, refine, demonstrate, and commercialize marketable products that provide practical solutions to real-world challenges. Utilizing decades of energy research, we are a driving force for innovation and new opportunities in the energy industry. The EERC is part of the University of North Dakota and is designated as North Dakota’s State Energy Research Center.

About Climeworks
Climeworks empowers people and companies to fight climate change by offering carbon dioxide removal as a service via direct air capture (DAC) technology.

Climeworks is a global leader in DAC, with the world’s largest DAC facility with storage currently in operation, and a team of 300 Climeworkers determined to contribute to a net-zero future. Climeworks’ growing customer base includes over 160 companies, including Microsoft, Stripe, Shopify, and BCG, as well as more than 18,000 individual Climate Pioneers.

Founded by engineers Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher in 2009, Climeworks is on a journey to climate impact at scale. To do so, we strive to inspire 1 billion people to act and remove CO2 from the air.

Remove CO2 from the air – with Climeworks:

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