SERC Updates

In 2019, the North Dakota legislature designated the EERC as the energy research center for North Dakota. The State Energy Research Center of North Dakota (SERC) is focusing on emerging topics critical to the state’s energy industry and environmental challenges, such as flaring reduction, pipeline safety, efficient lignite use, and increasing oil recovery while decreasing environmental impacts.

SERC provides researchers a platform for developing impactful technologies that support North Dakota’s energy industry and benefit the environment.

Welcoming a New Flock of Hawks

As the weather warms up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, a new flock of Hawks ushers in the 2022 Energy Hawks Program. The program is a fully immersive internship experience hosted by the State Energy Research Center (SERC) at the EERC. During this program, students work closely with EERC engineers, research scientists, and project managers… Continue reading Welcoming a New Flock of Hawks

Introducing the 2021 EERC Energy Hawks

The Energy Hawks program is a fully immersive summer internship dedicated to expanding knowledge in all aspects of the energy industry hosted by the State Energy Research Center (SERC). We are proud to welcome 13 students to the program in 2021.

An Abundance of Research Opportunities

“We’re less than a year and a half into the initial SERC program,” said Erickson. “It’s exploratory and fundamental, so it takes time for things to move forward. But we’ve already seen six new invention disclosures as a result, and we will see more before the first biennium is up.”

Overpressured Inyan Kara Formation

A recently completed SERC project at the EERC is addressing the changing operations in the oil and gas industry, with the goal of determining if water extraction from the Inyan Kara (IK) Formation is technically viable for managing subsurface pressure during the drilling and construction of nearby Bakken wells.

A Virtual Summer

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s program took place online, and students and facilitators chose to adapt and continue learning to the best of their ability—from the comfort of their own homes.

Revealing the Past with Rock Core

Much of the testing done on core taken from the Minnkota site will be completed at the EERC during summer 2020, and will be used to develop a North Dakota CO2 storage facility permit proposal for Minnkota and Project Tundra.


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