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What Is a Hydrogen Hub?

Instead of a single, fixed physical site, a hydrogen hub represents a comprehensive network uniting hydrogen producers, transporters, and consumers, all contributing to the advancement and commercialization of a hydrogen-based energy market.


The 2023 Energy Hawks Soar Across North Dakota

The program is a fully immersive internship experience hosted by the State Energy Research Center (SERC) at the EERC. During this program, students work closely with EERC engineers, research scientists, and project managers while learning about North Dakota’s current energy landscape, focusing on future energy challenges, and developing value-added opportunities.

EERC Welcomes New Employees

Over the past three months, four new employees have joined the team. We are happy to welcome them to the EERC!

EERC Named to List of 50 Best Places To Work

Prairie Business this year received more than 1,700 nominations from employees from around the region.