Critical Challenges. Practical Solutions.


iPIPE Launches into Space

“The technology aboard the satellite provides high-resolution imagery not previously available to our industry, and we look forward to learning how to apply this new capability through our iPIPE partnership work,” said Darren Schmidt.

Livers-Douglas Webinar for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists

“This presentation was a great opportunity not only to share information on the cutting-edge geophysics projects conducted throughout the PCOR region but also to highlight how geophysics plays a vital role in CCUS projects from a regulatory perspective,” Amanda said.


Introducing the 2021 EERC Energy Hawks

The Energy Hawks program is a fully immersive summer internship dedicated to expanding knowledge in all aspects of the energy industry hosted by the State Energy Research Center (SERC). We are proud to welcome 13 students to the program in 2021.

EERC Named to List of 50 Best Places To Work

Prairie Business this year received more than 1,300 nominations from employees from around the region.