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The 2020 Energy Hawks Take Flight

Left to right, Top: Xueling Song, Hayden Drown, Elysia Taniguchi
Middle: Jacob Nelson, Atique, Rijana Adhikari, Colton Martin
Bottom: Umar Saeed, Auroura Eckberg, Ben Regorrah, Md. Saifur Rahman

What happens when you bring together 11 multidisciplinary, energetic students from across the globe to the Energy & Environmental Research Center for a summer internship immersed in energy and creative ideas? You get the 2020 Energy Hawks! 

The 2020 Energy Hawks Program will conquer a new challenge: operating fully remotely. This year’s students began their multidisciplinary studies online with the EERC at the end of May. The program has also expanded its student base to include students from Bismarck State College and North Dakota State University in addition to the University of North Dakota. The 2020 Energy Hawks are as follows. 

Xueling Song

  • BS Petroleum Engineering, pursuing Petroleum Engineering PhD at UND
  • Qingdao, China

Hayden Drown

  • AS Liberal Arts and Sciences, pursuing Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics MS/BS at UND
  • Roseau, MN

Elysia Taniguchi

  • Quantitative Economics major, Mathematics minor at North Dakota State University (NDSU
  • Minot, ND

Jacob Nelson

  • Physics and Philosophy majors at UND
  • Forman, ND

Md. Saifuddin Ahgmed Atique

  • BS Aeronautical Engineering, pursuing Mechanical Engineering PhD at UND
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rijana Adhikari

  • MBA, BBA, pursing Applied Economics MSAE at UND
  • Bhaktupur, Nepal

Colton Martin

  • Political Science major at Bismarck State College (BSC)
  • Anamoose, North Dakota (ND)

Mian Umar Saeed

  • MS, BS Mechanical Engineering, pursuing Mechanical Engineering PhD at UND
  • Peshawar, Pakistan

Auroura Eckberg

  • Chemical Engineering major, Political Science minor at the University of North Dakota (UND)
  • Detroit Lakes, Minnesota (MN)

Benjamin Regorrah

  • Mathematics and Statistics majors, Biology minor at UND
  • East Grand Forks, MN

Md. Saifur Rahman

  • BS Computer Science & Telecommunication Engineering, pursuing Computer Science PhD at UND
  • Noakhali, Bangladesh

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