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EERC Welcomes Kris MacLennan

Dr. Kris MacLennan is a Senior Geophysicist in the Subsurface R&D Group at the EERC, where his work focuses on electrical and electromagnetic methods. He holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Colorado School of Mines and B.A. degrees in Geophysics and Philosophy from the University of California – Berkeley. Prior to his position at the EERC, he served as a Senior Geophysicist with GroundMetrics Inc., in San Diego, California.

Kris’ principal areas of interest and expertise include using geophysics to tackle problems in hydrology, CO2 sequestration, geothermal, and environmental issues. He has authored or coauthored numerous publications and presentations. He has been with the EERC since December 2020, working as a Research Geophysicist.

“I find communication of science to the public to be crucial and have spent time talking about science and geophysics to K–12 students, colleagues, CEOs, and legislators,” Kris said.

Kris will be working remotely from his hometown of Oakland, California. His hobbies include singing, playing many kinds of games (with an emphasis on board and card games), and traveling to gaming conventions and playing in international tournaments. 

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