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EERC Welcomes Dan Blaufuss

Dan Blaufuss is an Outreach Coordinator at the EERC, where he works with the Communications team and other project staff to coordinate outreach activities, develop and disseminate outreach products, and develop and maintain web content in support of EERC projects. Dan holds a B.A. degree in Media Communication and a bachelor of music in Music Education from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. Prior to his position at the EERC, he served as Managing Editor of The Instrumentalist magazine.

“I’m intrigued by the diverse audiences the EERC works with,” Dan said. “I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to use the writing, editing, interviewing, and design talents honed in my previous career in this new field and role.”

Dan was born in the Twin Cities but grew up in Prophetstown, a town of 2000 in northwestern Illinois. Because his father is a Grand Forks native, Dan has been visiting Grand Forks since he was a child and is familiar with the area. He currently enjoys playing the baritone saxophone, bass guitar, and recorder and has played tuba, clarinet, and steel pans in the past. He also likes many kinds of games and very difficult jigsaw puzzles.

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