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2021 Core Value Award Recipients

Starting in 2018, the EERC began awarding five employees for their outstanding efforts in aligning their work with our five Core Values. The Core Values are a set of guidelines at the heart of everything we do. Be Safe: We promote safe practices and procedures for all employees and urge all to act safely. Be Ethical: We encourage every employee to be caring, be a good steward, and be responsible. Be Engaged: We foster an environment that stimulates new ideas, provides solutions, and communicates clearly. Be Effective: We take pride in our work. We work hard and expand and adapt our capabilities all while working as a team. Be Professional: We uphold integrity, take responsibility, are punctual, and use effective interpersonal skills. Nominated by their peers and embodying these values, the following individuals were honored at the EERC’s 2022 annual meeting.

Be Safe: Ian Feole, Geological Engineer

Ian’s colleagues nominated him for this award because of his ability to perform research projects while effectively communicating safety protocols, specifically regarding Red Trail Energy’s SASSA project. Ian takes meticulous care in performing safety checks while traveling, even at the expense of adding additional time. He was also regarded for having the utmost respect for private property, for eliminating EERC impacts on the land, and for keeping his coworkers safe. Congratulations, Ian.

Be Ethical: John McCauley, Senior IT Systems Administrator

John was nominated for this award for being a model of ethical behavior. He consistently treats others’ time with respect, even in the face of increased workloads. His peers noted that even through the difficulties of a hybrid work environment, his attitude is always positive and responsive. John’s commitment to efficient, secure, and functioning IT systems despite challenges has resulted in this recognition. Congratulations, John.

Be Engaged: Zahra Finnigan, Geoscientist

Despite working remotely, Zahra has proven to be an engagement leader within the EERC. When needed, Zahra did not hesitate to travel to North Dakota and provide valuable communication and updates on fieldwork operations to the crews there. Her colleagues noted that she shows a genuine interest in others and brings an enthusiastic and positive energy while interacting with her coworkers. Going beyond her normal duties, she consistently encourages engagement gatherings for all of the Texas-based employees. Congratulations, Zahra.

Be Effective: Tim Abel, Senior Technology Development Operator Team Lead

The EERC was especially busy this past year performing extensive carbon capture testing, specifically with 90,000 lb of multiple fuel blends and biomass materials. Tim was responsible for effectively developing new procedures for the biomass materials—like testing, setup of equipment, logistics, and quality control—just to name a few. Because of his efforts and dedication, the EERC was able to successfully complete these testing campaigns. Congratulations, Tim.

Be Professional: Christin Fine, Assistant Director for EHS

Over the past year, Christin has been a model for professionalism at the EERC. She has invested long hours in professional development to better serve the EERC with the latest solutions and protocols for workplace safety. She even became a Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT) from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, all while maintaining professionalism at daily pandemic meetings and communicating new information and systems to keep everyone safe on the job. Congratulations, Christin.

We are grateful to have such amazing employees who care about our Core Values and participate in work they can be proud of. Congratulations to the 2021 Core Value Award recipients.

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