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iPIPE Sets Out for Space

Grand Forks, ND—The Intelligent Pipeline Integrity Program (iPIPE), the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC), and technology provider, Orbital Sidekick (OSK), are participating in the launch of the first satellites in OSK’s planned Global Hyperspectral Observation Satellite (GHOStTM) constellation scheduled for April 13, 2023, from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Hyperspectral imaging microsatellites will offer unmatched global monitoring capacity, capturing nearly 500 bands of light across the electromagnetic spectrum, with 20× greater sensitivity than traditional monitoring. What this means to iPIPE members and North Dakota is that operators will be getting first-hand experience with new capabilities for remote monitoring of assets that advance pipeline safety.

“The technology aboard the satellite provides high-resolution imagery that has the potential to be commercially viable and beneficial to all operators. We look forward to learning how to apply this new capability through our iPIPE Partnership work,” said Darren Schmidt, Assistant Director for Energy, Oil, and Gas at the EERC. The goal of the iPIPE Program is to advance technologies that reduce the frequency and duration of pipeline releases. iPIPE partners do this through a process of selecting emerging technologies for funding, demonstrating the technology on member assets, and shaping commercial development of new technology.

The EERC, through support of the North Dakota Industrial Commission’s Oil and Gas Research Program (NDIC-OGRP), culminated the iPIPE Partnership in 2018 with support from NDIC and leaders within the state’s oil and gas industry. iPIPE is presently a 7-member industry collaboration, partnered with the EERC as part of a research contract with NDIC-OGRP. The program supports North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s challenge to seek solutions through innovation. iPIPE is led by the EERC and holds membership from these leading industry partners: DCP Midstream, Enbridge, Energy Transfer, Hess, MPLX, ONEOK, and TC Energy. For more information about joining one of the most innovative programs in the pipeline industry, visit undeerc.org/ipipe.

Please direct all media inquiries to:
Nikki Krueger, Director of Communications
eercinfo@undeerc.org | 701-777-5000

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