iPIPE Selects Technology Partners

Grand Forks, N.D. – The Intelligent Pipeline Integrity Program (iPIPE) recently selected technology partners to advance pipeline integrity and safety. These exciting technologies include a wide variety of applications from point sensing to aerial patrol that promise to advance iPIPE’s efforts toward an era of zero pipeline releases. The new iPIPE partners and developers of these technologies are Flowstate, Flyscan, Seismos, and Syscor.

Flowstate aims to tailor its commercially available advanced computation monitoring technology for hydrocarbon pipelines to produced water systems, providing a cost-effective solution for assets not traditionally equipped with enhanced monitoring. The technology uses operational data and machine learning to learn the unique operating conditions of each system and then actively monitors for anomalies indicative of a loss of system integrity.

Flyscan is building an aerial platform equipped with threat detection and hyperspectral oil leak detection technologies for use in shared right-of-way (ROW) applications. The platform is being designed to fly one or more ROWs at a time and provide asset-specific alerts and information to each operator in the ROW(s). Flyscan is also further developing its leak detection technologies to include produced water, broadening the application of the platform.

Seismos is applying its acoustic-based technology used in a variety of other oilfield applications to pipelines for quasi-continuous monitoring. The technology introduces an acoustic signal into the pipeline, which Seismos can interpret over repeat data collections to gauge pipeline health and conditions. This is particularly exciting given its potential to detect anomalies economically and unobtrusively before they result in a spill.

Syscor is developing a sensor for detecting hydrocarbons in high-consequence water bodies utilizing a polymer absorption sensor (PAS), a multispectral camera, and WirelessHART networking technology. The technology combines the reliability of a PAS with the capabilities of a polarized thermal camera to minimize the likelihood of any false positive alerts. Each sensor is designed with a battery life of over 10 years and can operate as part of a larger monitoring solution via WirelessHART.

iPIPE industry members are enthusiastic about continuing to explore and advance new technologies that enhance pipeline integrity and safety by engaging with these partners through funding, hosting field trials on actual operating assets, and direct input and feedback. iPIPE industry members are DCP Midstream, Enbridge, Energy Transfer, Hess, MPLX, ONEOK, and TC Energy. The program is led by the Energy & Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota. For more information about joining one of the most innovative programs in the pipeline industry, visit

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