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Livers-Douglas Webinar for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Photo of Amanda Livers-Douglas

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) recently hosted another webinar in its series featuring women in applied geophysics. The keynote speaker for this webinar, entitled The Role of Geophysics in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS): Examples from the Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership, was Amanda Livers-Douglas, EERC Principal Geoscientist.

Livers-Douglas was president of the Student Chapter of SEG at the University of Kansas where she received her master’s degree in Geology. She is also a current member of the society. “This presentation was a great opportunity not only to share information on the cutting-edge geophysics projects conducted throughout the PCOR Partnership region but also to highlight how geophysics plays a vital role in CCUS projects from a regulatory perspective,” Livers-Douglas said. “Being part of a team which worked on submitting the first Class VI permit application in North Dakota and my work on several CCUS-related geophysics products throughout the Upper Midwest allowed me to share a unique perspective on the subject.”

The SEG Women’s Network launched its webinar series just over 2 years ago as a response to seeing very few women lecturers and society members, and it is highlighting some of the great women working in applied geophysics positions around the world. The series also features workshops on topics related to professional development including resume and CV writing and networking.

“Amanda’s talk on carbon capture and storage was extremely popular. We had a total of 100 attendees for the talk and more questions than we had time to answer,” said Blair Schneider, Associate Researcher and Science Outreach Manager for the Kansas Geological Survey and past chair of the SEG Women’s Network Committee. “I believe that CCUS plays a key role in the future of applied geophysics. I’ve heard multiple speakers talk about the significance of CCUS but had not had the opportunity to hear about the role geophysics plays in it. Amanda did a phenomenal job making the connection between geophysics and the future of CCUS.”

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